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High Quality Acrylic & Enamel paints for Lexan bodies.

. Pactra’s RC Racing Finish paint is specially formulated to be applied to the inside of Lexan body shells. It provides an excellent durable and flexible finish that can stand up to the extreme demands of RC racing. Pactra R/C paints provide the best coverage you can find and are by far America’s best selling R/C hobby paint.
A colour chart for the Pactra RC Finish paint range is available on page 48 of the Testors 2005 Catalogue.
Pactra offers a broad selection of colours in both 20ml bottles & 111ml aerosol spray cans.

111ml Spray Colours
PAC RC250 Aerosol Outlaw Black
PAC RC251 Aerosol Sprint White
PAC RC252 Aerosol Blue Streak
PAC RC254 Aerosol Racing Red
PAC RC256 Aerosol Competition Orange
PAC RC257 Aerosol Daytona Yellow
PAC RC258 Aerosol Rally Green
PAC RC261 Aerosol Pearl Purple
PAC RC262 Aerosol Indy Silver
PAC RC264 Aerosol Metallic Red
PAC RC265 Aerosol Metallic Blue
PAC RC266 Aerosol Metallic Green
PAC RC267 Aerosol Metallic Burgundy
PAC RC271 Aerosol Candy Red
PAC RC272 Aerosol Candy Blue
PAC RC273 Aerosol Candy Purple
PAC RC276 Aerosol Pearl White
PAC RC277 Aerosol Fluoro Red
PAC RC278 Aerosol Fluoro Orange
PAC RC279 Aerosol Fluoro Yellow
PAC RC280 Aerosol Metallic Black
PAC RC281 Aerosol Fluoro Green
PAC RC282 Aerosol Fluoro Blue
PAC RC283 Aerosol Fluoro Racing Red
PAC RC284 Aerosol Fluoro Racing Yellow
PAC RC285 Aerosol Bright Yellow
PAC RC286 Aerosol Brilliant Blue
PAC RC287 Aerosol Bright Red
PAC RC290 Aerosol White Overcoat
PAC RC291 Aerosol Chezoom Teal
PAC RC292 Aerosol Grape Pearl
PAC RC293 Aerosol True Blue Pearl
PAC RC294 Aerosol Transparent Black

20ml Bottles
PAC RC050 Bottle Outlaw Black
PAC RC051 Bottle Sprint White
PAC RC052 Bottle Blue Streak
PAC RC054 Bottle Racing Red
PAC RC056 Bottle Competition Orange
PAC RC057 Bottle Daytona Yellow
PAC RC058 Bottle Rally Green
PAC RC061 Bottle Pearl Purple
PAC RC062 Bottle Indy Silver
PAC RC064 Bottle Metallic Red
PAC RC065 Bottle Metallic Blue
PAC RC067 Bottle Metallic Burgundy
PAC RC068 Bottle Thinner
PAC RC069 Bottle Metallic Flake Silver
PAC RC070 Bottle Metallic Flake Gold
PAC RC071 Bottle Candy Red
PAC RC072 Bottle Candy Blue
PAC RC073 Bottle Candy Purple
PAC RC076 Bottle Pearl White
PAC RC077 Bottle Fluoro Red
PAC RC078 Bottle Fluoro Orange
PAC RC079 Bottle Fluoro Yellow
PAC RC080 Bottle Metallic Black
PAC RC083 Bottle Fluoro Racing Red
PAC RC084 Bottle Fluoro Racing Yellow
PAC RC085 Bottle Bright Yellow
PAC RC091 Bottle Chezoom Teal
PAC RC092 Bottle Grape Pearl
PAC RC093 Bottle True Blue Pearl

PAC RC068 Bottle Thinner 20ml
PAC RC075 Bottle Thinner 103ml
PAC RC095 Thinner 236ml Tin

Pactra RC Acryl is specially formulated for perfect airbrush application and is certified non-toxic. R/C Acryl will spray directly from the bottle, meaning no additional thinning, and offering the added convenience of easy water wash-up. R/C Acryl does not require a high pressure air delivery system and can be airbrushed using a Testors propellant can or any hobby air compressor.
A colour chart for the Pactra R/C Acryl range is available on page 48 of the Testors 2005 Catalogue.
All Pactra R/C Acryl colours come in 29.5 ml bottles:

Basic Colours
PAC RC5100 Acrylic Bottle Black
PAC RC5101 Acrylic Bottle White
PAC RC5102 Acrylic Bottle Blue
PAC RC5103 Acrylic Bottle Green
PAC RC5104 Acrylic Bottle Red
PAC RC5105 Acrylic Bottle Turquiose
PAC RC5106 Acrylic Bottle Dark Blue
PAC RC5107 Acrylic Bottle Yellow
PAC RC5108 Acrylic Bottle Teal

Pearl Colours
PAC RC5201 Acrylic Bottle Pearl White
PAC RC5202 Acrylic Bottle Pearl Blue
PAC RC5203 Acrylic Bottle Pearl Green
PAC RC5209 Acrylic Bottle Pearl Charcoal
PAC RC5210 Acrylic Bottle Pearl Gold
PAC RC5211 Acrylic Bottle Pearl Silver
PAC RC5212 Acrylic Bottle Pearl Purple
PAC RC5213 Acrylic Bottle Pearl Grape

Transparent Colours
PAC RC5302 Acrylic Bottle Transparent Blue
PAC RC5303 Acrylic Bottle Transparent Green
PAC RC5304 Acrylic Bottle Transparent Red
PAC RC5314 Acrylic Bottle Transparent Amber
PAC RC5315 Acrylic Bottle Transparent Smoke

Fluorescent Colours
PAC RC5407 Acrylic Bottle Fluoro Yellow
PAC RC5416 Acrylic Bottle Fluoro Orange
PAC RC5417 Acrylic Bottle Fluoro Overcoat

Metallic Colours
PAC RC5502 Acrylic Bottle Metallic Blue
PAC RC5504 Acrylic Bottle Metallic Red
PAC RC5507 Acrylic Bottle Metallic Yellow
Candy Colours
PAC RC5604 Acrylic Bottle Candy Red
PAC RC5612 Acrylic Bottle Candy Purple

Change Colours
PAC RC5702 Acrylic Bottle Colour Change Blue
PAC RC5712 Acrylic Bottle Colour Change Purple

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